Taking Handheld Film Shots Using DSLR Camera


Videography is a great way of presenting your product or service. We have a team of professional videographers who are skilled in all types of videography and know the importance of the quality.

We make sure that we provide a high-quality result for our customers. Our prices are also some of the best on the market because we believe that videography shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! So book today and get a quote from us!

Corporate Videos

We help you showcase your activities, complete corporate video production services which are professional, quick and reliable. Feel the live action and visual power statement with us. Get the external and internal messaging in business provided in the video format.  

Promotional Videos

We help you engage and target your specific audience through promotional videos. We ensure that your brand is the best among your competitors.

Event social media highlights

Social media tells your true brand story. Utilize our event social media highlights services to capture audience attention, boost brand awareness, and create lasting relationships. We create unique highlights of your social media events to bring about more traffic to your site.

Event Coverage

It’s a great way to market your business. We do take professional videos and images to generate leads. Our event coverage services help you to represent your brand image among your competitors. 

Documentary & short films

Get our one stop solution and cost effective way for your short films and documentaries that proves to be the international quality ones. We have a deep pool of experienced and skilled personalities to handle the entire short film production.

Time lapsing/stop motions/slow motions videos

Are you looking for time lapsing/stop motions or slow motion video? We offer the latest in camera technology that help us get organic slow motion and other video footage.

Corporate presentations

Do not worry about your presentations at the office hereafter. We are here to make professional video presentations to be presented at national or international levels.

Television commercials

A TV commercial reaches out to new or existing customers. TV commercials utilizes professional skills, 3D graphics, voiceovers, images, custom music etc. We help you with TV commercials to be embedded on your website and social media platforms as it stays longer even after the ad campaign. 


We are experts in transforming the flexible budget needed for commercial advertisements into a rewarding investment by creating successful commercials for radio.

Product photography shoot of shoes


Carbon Media Productions provides various photography services for various types of job. We cover all the different photography works such as headshots, fashion and beauty, corporate events and more.

We are a team of passionate and passionate photographers who love to deliver high-quality photographs to our clients.

Corporate Photography

It is a good idea to hire a professional corporate photography team if you want to save time and money, while getting the best quality possible. We are team of professionals specialized in corporate photography.

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is a rapidly growing industry. Our handson experience in this area will be the best advantage that you can take for making the shots amazing.

Architecture photography

Architecture photography is not easy. Your audience doesn’t only want to see the finished product, they want to experience the process of how it came to be. With our experienced team of photographers and storytellers, we will make your architectural vision come to life in a way that has never been seen before.

Sports photography

Sport photography is a challenging and rewarding field.

It is important that the photographer understands the game, the background of the event, and the importance of each moment. A photographer needs to be able to know when you need to take a picture and when you don’t.

Event photography

If you are looking for the best event photographers in your city then have a look at our website. We at we do the best event photography offer the best service to our customers. We capture the amazing moments and memories.

Product photography

We help you engage and target your specific audience through promotional videos. We ensure that your brand is the best among your competitors.

Food photography

Food photography is a fun and challenging field. It requires skill, creativity and years of experience.

People that do good food photography are real artists. They know how to make food look amazing, appetizing and appealing to the customers. That’s why some companies believe that it’s essential for them to hire these professionals because their success depends on it.

Wedding photography

When is the last time you had a good photo taken of you and your loved one?

Most of us have forgotten about the feeling of getting our portrait taken because modern technology lets us take photos with ease.

We do the best Wedding photography to give you the most memorable experience. We are not just your photographers. We are your memories captured in a single frame.

Fashion photography

We are the best fashion photographers in town. We know how to shoot for any occasion, and we will make you look your best.

We provide a range of photography services, from candid wedding photography to classy glamour portraits. We can handle your entire project from start to finish, or we can be a part of the process by providing that extra set of creative eyes and hands for brainstorming sessions and other special projects.

Interior photography

Interior photography is a key aspect of design, whether for someone about to furnish their new space, or for an interior designer who wants a mood board to work off.

With our expertise and principles, you will be able to capture your work space with much better end results than before.

Model portfolio

Model portfolio shoots are one of the most important things that a new model needs. These shots are used to show their skillset and help them get more work. It’s a way for them to stand out from the crowd.

Post Production (Photo edting and retouching)

We’re the best in what we do and we have a team of highly skilled designers who retouches the work with their magical skill sets. Your work will be professionally edited, retouched and delivered on time at an affordable price.


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